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Welcome to the world of professional epoxies and coatings.

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Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc. is very different from other epoxy vendors you will find online. We just don't sell a diverse line of epoxies, we are also a leading source for informational and educational information on epoxies and coatings (about 10 pages of information for each "sales page"). This results in lots of internet links in order to direct people to the information contained on our websites.


We sell about 40 different products online, mostly epoxies (some very unique), some polyurethanes, epoxy fillers and thickeners, and accessories like brushes and rollers. As you can see with our website format, we are not marketing or web design people. We are coating / resin professionals. We do not squander our resources (and your dollars) with Web Design companies or Web Sales consultants. That said, we  have been around long enough (over 25 years) to know about posting legal Disclaimers, terms of service on use of this and related websites, refund policies etc. links at the bottom of key website pages (scroll down to the bottom of this page and check it out!).


We are also known for our email and telephone support and help. It is available almost all the time (with brief windows of "Burnout"). This has been a key to our success and has resulted in a large base of customers and support seekers (contractors, repair folks, commercial maintenance people. etc. ) A very large percentage of our daily sales are from repeat customers and friends. You will notice lots of customer feedback quotes scattered throughout our websites.


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MARINE CATALOG (this is the online sales catalog for our products, focusing upon marine applications.

NON-MARINE CATALOG (this is the online sales catalog for our non boating products. Almost all of our products are in both catalogs and the prices are the same in both)

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SUPPORT / PHONE ORDERS (why do some folks hide their phone support numbers?)

Call us for help and support (we are located on the East Coast in New Hampshire).

Our number is 603-435-7199. When you call one of three things will happen.

1) You will reach a real person.

2) You will get the answering machine if no one is here.

3) If the phone rings and rings, we are on the line with someone. Call back in a few minutes.

SHIPPING (note that epoxies are considered "CHEMICALS")

We ship UPS ground from New Hampshire  (US mail on smaller packages) - We do not ship outside the Lower 48 States. Most epoxies and coatings cannot be shipped by AIR (without special certifications and training which we do not have) and must go 'GROUND". Typically you order on day 1, the order gets processed on day 2 and UPS picks it up on day 3.


We will ship to a USA based freight forwarder that you find, select, and deal with directly to ship outside the Lower 48. Note that most coatings and epoxies are "HAZMAT" and the forwarder must be certified to handle these goods.

NO SALES TAX - You are shopping in TAX FREE New Hampshire



GOOGLE SITE SPECIFIC SEARCH PAGE - explore this massively large web site CLICK HERE

1) FLOOR LINKS (connects you to dozens of web pages covering all aspects of floor coatings including the trendy penny floor craze)

2) BOAT LINKS (connects you to dozens of web pages on all things marine and coatings / epoxies. More about primary / key boating links below)

3) REPAIR LINKS (connects you to dozens of web pages covering all sorts of repair projects and tasks using epoxy)

4) EDUCATIONAL LINKS (connects you to dozens of web pages that teach you about epoxies. Sort of Epoxy Basics 101)

5) EVERYTHING LINKS (about 70 web links covering all sorts of issues. When people call about a specific application or project, the easiest way to get them to the right web page for their project or issue is to send them here and tell them to, "click on link number XYZ")

6) DATA MSDS (this is where you find product data sheets and required safety - chemical information in *.pfd format)

7) MARINE CATALOG (this is the online sales catalog for our products, focusing upon marine applications.

8) NON-MARINE CATALOG (this is the online sales catalog for our non boating products. Almost all of our products are in both catalogs and the prices are the same in both)

9) PRIMARY ONLINE STORE (find and buy everything we sell here)

10) SIMPLE ONLINE STORE (only primary products and no products that are high solvent and /or cannot be shipped all over the lower 48 state. This usually means Not For Sale in California

11) EMAIL LINK (email us at this link) or go to information rich CONTACT PAGE

12) CALL US at 603-435-7199 (New Hampshire - Eastern time zone), learn more about PROGRESSIVE EPOXY POLYMERS, INC.

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Epoxy help 603 435 7199


"Hi Paul, ---Thank you so much for all the info. Each time I spoke with you, I found you to be a very helpful, personable individual. You seemed genuinely interested in helping me get the right products and making sure that I know exactly the best way to apply it for optimum results.

Sadly, in today’s business world, those are not common traits. It definitely was a pleasure to do business with you ( as cliche as that saying is.) I definitely will recommend to anyone who needs your products. Best wishes for continued success. Sincerely, Julie" (6/2019)



1) SHIPPING CONTAINER FLOORS (the recycled shipping contain blogs send their readers to us to seal the container floors from the poisons and pesticides applied to the floors)

2) FLOOR EPOXIES (garages, penny floors, shops etc. - this particular link takes you to our epoxy floor page in our NON MARINE CATALOG)

3) SWIMMING POOL REPAIR (we are the only folks that we know of that offer and epoxy that you can apply to chips, stains, leaks in RESIDENTIAL pools without draining the water)

4) BAR TOP and TABLE TOP EPOXY SURFACES (that thick or thin epoxy look on tables or bars. We are the only folks that offer several different epoxy resin options and not just one single product)

5) RESEALING OR CREATING PEBBLE STONE DECKS (every 2 - 5 years pebble decks need to be resealed as the stones begin to break loose)

6) BOATS AND MARINE STUFF (broken down into the following)


            6A) BOAT BUILDING (this link points to Stitch and Glue construction)

            6B) BOAT REPAIR (some specific examples of repairs made to boats. With all of our products we have products used to repair and restore boats, even products to make repairs underwater - there is even a book written "Escape from Hermit Island" about using our epoxies to save a sunken yacht in the Pacific Ocean. Order at AMAZON)

            6C) BARRIER COAT EPOXY (epoxy barrier coating epoxies are used to slow or stop the formation of blisters below the waterline of fiberglass boats. We offer several options)

            6D) BLISTER REPAIR (epoxy products used to repair osmatic blisters that can form below the waterline in fiberglass boats)

            6E) POTABLE WATER EPOXY (we appear to be the only source for drinking water approved epoxy for tanks as small as 50 gallons. All the other potable water epoxies require tanks of 800 or 1000 gallons to meet the approvals)

            6F) PONTOON BOAT REPAIR (we get a lot of calls regarding corroded and / or leaking pontoon boats. We have products to deal with these issues

            6G) COPPER AND EPOXY (folks mix a special grade of copper powder into a special Low Viscosity epoxy and apply to the bottom of boats to prevent fouling. We sell the copper and the epoxy)

            6H) COMPARING MARINE EPOXIES AND EPOXY VENDORS (what to look for when comparing and shopping for marine epoxy resins)

Leaky basements (mostly the floor wall seam that starts to let in water), rot repair, leaking or rusty pipes (pipe wrap systems), delaminating spongy boat decks (or RV exterior skins), underwater gluing, concrete crack filling, sun / weather resistant, clear, exterior coatings (doors, signs, tables)  are just a few more of the projects we help our customers with. We can probably help you too.

10 OF OUR TOP SELLING PRODUCTS (You are probably going to purchase one or more of these products of us)


aluthane on a steel structure


With the exception of our POTABLE WATER EPOXY (# 10  -- CLICK HERE for more information on  LIQUA TILE 1172)

the following products are all introduced in our FAVORITES web page. They Include:


 #1 BASIC NO BLUSH EPOXY (a plain resin used for boat building, pebble decks, tables and bar tops. Only epoxy in its class to contain Bubble Breakers. Cold weather and warm weather options available)

#2 WATER GARD 300 (primary uses include marine barrier coat, swimming touch up without draining the water)

#3 ESP 155 (a solvent base epoxy primer and sealer. Not for sale in California)

#4 WET DRY 700 (a 'wall mud" or cake icing thick epoxy paste with Kevlar (tm) fibers and feldspar ceramic for "serious" repairs. Can be applied underwater)

#5 ALUTHANE (an aluminum filled moisture cured urethane that offers extreme durability, heat resistance, and stick extreme well to almost everything with less than perfect surface preparation. Not for sale in California)

Visit the aluthane (tm) page


#6 LOW V ( a thin solvent free clear epoxy used for rot repair, shipping container floors, blister repairs. Bonds to wet or damp surfaces)

#7 BIO CLEAR 810 (our professional grade table and bar top epoxy with very low yellowing)

#8 ACRYLIC POLY UV PLUS (two part clear high gloss poly with massive amounts of UV blockers to keep epoxies from yellowing. Much cheaper than 2 part poly clear coats from other vendors. Not for sale in California)

#9 INDIA SPAR VARNISH (old fashion varnish used on boats/wood and over epoxies to help reduce epoxy yellowing and / or to protect the epoxy from scratches etc on bar tops and tables. Not for sale in California)





Goto the online MARINE and GENERAL PURPOSE epoxy catalogs for PROGRESSIVE EPOXY POLYMERS, INC. Includes polyurethanes, fillers and thickeners, and accessories. Prices and purchase links also included. CLICK HERE

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Epoxy floor paints are a big part of our business. It is a very complex topic. Your floor could be a 1 to 7 coat systems. There are lots of things that could turn your project into a disaster. Some are outside of  your control. As the story goes, you get the test first and the lesson afterwards. Learn about pre-floor epoxy sealers and primers. Also included here are links to SHIPPING CONTAINER FLOORS and PENNY FLOORS. Learn why PROGRESSIVE EPOXY POLYMERS, INC. is your trusted source for epoxies, coatings, help and advice. CLICK HERE to goto our FLOOR EPOXY SECTION.

 A huge part of our business consists of boats and boating. From building to repairing to emergency repairs we cover it all. CLICK HERE

Looking for an epoxy paint? You've come to the right place. CLICK HERE

Got a pebble stone deck around your pool or patio?  They need resealing every 2 - 5 years. Learn more, including how to create them from scratch. CLICK HERE

What do people think about our products and company? Lots of user feedback and comments - one of our favorite pages!  CLICK HERE

Need to do some underwater repairs/touch up work in your swimming pool or boat bottom? We have epoxies that you can apply underwater. CLICK HERE

Interested in epoxy table tops or bar tops? We are the only company that offers multiple options including an extended work time epoxy option. CLICK HERE

Thick epoxies to fill, patch, glue and seal. Buy pre-thickened or thicken your own epoxy. CLICK HERE

Two part polyurethanes, one part aluminum MCU (ALUTHANE), marine spar varnish. CLICK HERE

Epoxy fillers, thickeners, no slip grits, pigments and additives. CLICK HERE


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