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"If you've heard this story before, don't stop me, because I'd like to hear it again."

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Even "Schools" use our epoxies

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"Dear Paul,  Just wanted to let you know that the white Water Gard 300 epoxy I purchased to repair my fiberglass swimming pool underwater worked great!!! ... Did test spots on shallow area and steps, and It looks like it did 31 years ago. Going to tackle the deep area next... Thank You So Much!! I will share with others! “ ----- Helen from LA.

(Bio Clear 810) "Great Product. Works great on burying wine and craft beer labels on tabletops, etc." - C.G.H. 11/16

"I bought some ESP 155 as a prime coat and used your India Marine Spar Varnish on top - unbelievably good! Forty year old mahogany seats in my dingy look as good as the brand new gunwales. Not sure how well it projects on the camera - dark basement- but looks so, so good!" John 1/15

"Thanks for all your advice, tips & moral support concerning my project. It turned out beautiful. Quality people backing a quality product is the only way to go!" Joe

”I had Aluthane on a dacron outdoor test panel for five years. It was still in good condition after five years, and continued to adhere well. I flew an airplane for four years with the Aluthane topcoated with Polyfiber Bahama Blue. Both the Aluthane and the topcoat remained flexible.”

“Hi Paul: I recently purchased some clear epoxy and Acrylic Poly UV Plus from your company. I have access to a UV chamber which simulates high altitude direct UV exposure. I thought you might be interested in my findings. I used a Masonite panel painted white and then coated with the epoxy. On half of the epoxy coated panel, I brushed on one coat of UV Poly and put it in the chamber for 644 hours at 50 C (the heat accelerates the exposure)... The epoxy ambered dramatically within about 50 hours. After 644 hours, the UV Poly showed a slight bit of ambering from the original control but it is marginal at worst. The technician who ran the test said if it isn't yellow at 644 hours it is basically indestructible. I also tested several other 2-part resin products with the UV Poly and had the same result. You have a great product. I now feel secure knowing that my resin art, protected with the Poly UV Plus, will be archival and protected for long years. I will be ordering more soon!”

"I'll stick with my original plan to use the Wet Dry 700 since it's a nuclear reactor application, and I know of two other reactors that have successfully used it" - Jeff 12/16

Jeff (1/2013) “I cannot believe how incredible this Wet Dry 700 is. It's revolutionary. The original repair to my storm shelter would have lasted years if the shelter would just stop shifting around in the ground. DON'T STOP SELLING THIS STUFF.”

"Thanks for the help on the phone yesterday with the FC 2100 epoxy. Using a smaller batch in a wide tray worked out great. I appreciate your help, and especially that you are available by phone...and answer the phone. Thanks again". ---- Tim 9/16

"OK...thanks for the personal touch. And for such an informative website. The navigation took me a while to grasp, but I really appreciate all the credible, helpful information you provide. This is my 3rd or 4th order over the years and I give you a A or A+ grade on all of it. I'm a nit-picking former Polaris nuclear missile targeting and firing guy so you don't get a good grade from me unless you are on target!" -- Dave 7/14

"Hi Paul, ---Thank you so much for all the info. Each time I spoke with you, I found you to be a very helpful, personable individual. You seemed genuinely interested in helping me get the right products and making sure that I know exactly the best way to apply it for optimum results. Sadly, in today’s business world, those are not common traits. It definitely was a pleasure to do business with you ( as cliche as that saying is.) I definitely will recommend to anyone who needs your products. Best wishes for continued success. Sincerely, Julie" (6/2019)

"Thanks, Paul. You know what your downfall is??? You have such great customer
service nobody wants to use another company!!" -- Glenn 9/09

Subject: RE: Water proofing
Date: Mon, 15 July 15:28:52 +0100
From: "Lee" <xx@xxxxxx>
To: "'Paul Oman'" <>

"Hi Paul

Just to let you know that the epoxy paint arrived today. It was a pleasure doing business with a company that is prepared go the extra yard to sell their product, even for such a small order. Thanks again for all you help and patience." --- Lee

Dec 2008 from Doug: "The following is my opinion of a good company. My affiliation is as a DIY end user. No recompense, no funny business: I've been refurbishing our 1973 ketch and have done some epoxy work in that process. I've never worked with epoxy before this. I talked to several local glass workers and researched on line to learn a bit about epoxy. I searched for different vendors and their prices. I settled on a place in New Hampshire called Progressive Epoxy Polymers. (

"My first and personal responsiveness of the owner and his wife. I did a calculation of prices per ounce, approximating the match of the different brand's products. I realize that there is no way I can say I'm comparing the same chemistry of different brands. Nevertheless, Progressive Epoxy prices remain the best I have found.

I've used the Premium No Blush (~15 gallons), Low-V (~2 gal), a putty with kevlar, and some elastomeric stuff. In addition I've used the fumed silica, micro balloons, ez-thick, chopped glass & milled glass.

Progressive Epoxy Polymers is my epoxy resin source, I recommend them."

Date: Tue, 01 Feb 12:36:56 -0500

JUSTIN wrote:

"Thanks a bunch, I almost gathered that from your site but wanted a knowledgeable second opinion. Thank you again for the timely response, quite possibly the fastest response to any question I have posed online! EVER! Bravo to Frog Pond Hollow and the epoxy king Paul Oman. Thank you! I will buy these products and give it a go.

I'd also like to say I appreciate the willingness to suggest a product even though it MIGHT not work. I can't tell you how many times I've had to feed somebody I'm asking a question a perfect disclaimer, or had to word the question just exactly right to get an answer that falls anywhere out of bounds of the official product offering. Probably seemed like nothing but you just showed me that your company is smart, probably well managed, forward thinking, on the ball, and willing to adapt in an instant to a customer request. I have no idea how big you are but I would imagine you have a long growing and prosperous future before you.

thank you. Justin"

Subject: RE: epoxy and leaks
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 10:28:30 -0800
From: "Terry" <>
To: <>

"Thanks Paul.

I really like working with you. I think your firm is top notch with the technical consulting you do and the personalize nature of such."Terry

 "Paul Oman (owner of Progressive Epoxy - 603 435 7199) is a very knowledgeable man , and freely shares his knowledge. His products are high quality and as represented. And he answers his phone."  Ralph

"You provide outstanding products, and Fantastic Support. Thank You." Brian S.

"Thanks for all your advice, tips & moral support concerning my project. It turned out beautiful. Quality people backing a quality product is the only way to go!" Joe

"Thanks for the help on the phone yesterday with the 2100F epoxy. Using a smaller batch in a wide tray worked out great. I appreciate your help, and especially that you are available by phone...and answer the phone. Thanks again". ---- Tim  9/16

EMAIL - 7/22/13 "WOW, I have never heard of a company that told me to NOT use their product. If any one questions your integrity post this response! Thanks for your honesty."  Barb

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