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We offer the largest selection of epoxies and polyurethanes for all aspects of the marine and boating industry. From fixing blisters, to building a boat, to putting a copper/epoxy bottom on your hull, to emergency underwater repairs, to potable water epoxy (50 gal tank min.), to 2-part clear and white poly paints, we have you covered. Plus brushes, non-skid products, fiberglass tape, fillers and thickeners, thickened epoxies. Such a range of products and applications requires a lot of links to detailed information on all of the above topics. Are you re

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MARINE EPOXY --- We offer two marine epoxy resin systems. Our BASIC NO BLUSH is an industry standard. As the name implies it is a "non blushing" (no amine blush - some of our competitors offer non blushing epoxies, but at extra cost). It is less brittle than at least one of the other major brands. It is offered with special cold weather curing agent (good to temps below freezing) and hot summer curing agent. It is the only epoxy resin in its class to contain bubble breakers for a more perfect finish. It is available in several sizes, the most common is the 1.5 gal unit (1 gal resin - 1/2 gal curing agent). Other non-marine applications include resealing or creating pebble deck floors, and on table top and bar top surfaces.  ORDER ONLINE AT EPOXYUSA.COM or call to order (603 435 7199 - EMAIL US with questions). Our PREMIUM NO BLUSH EPOXY uses a non-hazmat, amber colored curing agent and is the "Most Pure" high end resin system available. If you want the VERY best marine epoxy without a lot of chemical additives etc. consider our PREMIUM NO BLUSH epoxy. Note that like the leading marine epoxy vendors, we formulate our marine epoxies starting with the raw chemicals from the major chemical companies. Other 'low price / low end' marine epoxy vendors simply repackage the raw chemicals from the big chemical companies without 'adjusting the chemistry' for the marine market. Avoid 'repackager epoxy vendors. See "How to evaluate your marine epoxy vendor."


BARRIER COAT EPOXIES --- Epoxy barrier coats are applied to fiberglass boat hulls below the waterline to stop or reduce the formation of osmotic hull blisters between the fiberglass hull and the gel coat. We sell a two different barrier coat epoxies. Our top seller is WATER GARD 300 epoxy. It is available in a 3 gal kit in light blue or white. It is a one coat application. It can even be applied underwater for emergency touch up or repairs (small units are available for underwater swimming pool repairs without draining the water). In the 'heat of the summer' (when solvent free epoxies have a pot life of only a few minutes) and on very flexible hulls, we recommend our CM 15 solvent based epoxy which has a longer pot life in hot weather. Colors are black or ivory. Sold in 1 gallon kits. On older hulls or hulls that have been blasted down to original fiberglass, we suggest our ESP 155 solvent based epoxy primer no the fiberglass before the much thicker barrier coat epoxy. The watery ESP 155 provides a fresh bonding surface to blast micro-damaged or ago old polyester hull resins. A coat of ESP 155 on raw wood before applying marine varnish (we sell traditional INDIA MARINE SPAR VARNISH - MORE INFO ON VARNISH) is a win-win combination. See our BARRIER COAT PAGE.

PONTOON BOAT REPAIR / LEAKY RIVETS IN ALUMINUM BOATS  --- We get lots of calls regarding corroded or leaking aluminum pontoon boats and leaky rivets in aluminum row boats. We have two products used in these applications. ALUTHANE is a high solvent, aluminum filled moisture cured urethane (MCU).

BLISTER REPAIR --- Some fiberglass hulls develop blisters below the waterline that need to be opened up and repaired. We have a web site that covers this, but in a nut shell:  1) pop open the blister and flush with water. 2) swab the open mushy blister with our LOW V epoxy (thin and watery - bonds to wet or dap surfaces) to firm of the mushy blister. 3) fill the blister with our kelvar (tm) reinforced, structural epoxy paste - WET DRY 700. Note that the Wet Dry 700 is a "serious' epoxy putty that can be applied underwater and is used for all sorts of boat repair, gap filling, gluing and patching. More on WET DRY 700 on our Favorites page.

BOAT BUILDING  --- Getting started with Stitch-and-Glue construction Note that we sell fiberglass cloth "tape" in two sizes. Three inch wide by 50 yards and Four inch wide by 50 yards. These are used on the seams of stitch and glue boats. Also used for other boat repairs - especially by 'beginners' we struggle with using fiberglass cloth that is 38 or 60 inches wide. - sort of the 'duct tape' approach to fiberglassing.




POTABLE WATER EPOXY - approved for tanks as small as 50 gal. Note other potable water epoxies require tanks of 800 or 1000 gallons. We are the cutting edge of the next generation potable water resin systems. - see LIQUA TILE 1172

COPPER EPOXY BOAT BOTTOMS --- We 'system' is copper mixed into epoxy and applied to the hull below the waterline. Copper powder is now considered an "environmental hazard" and cannot be shipped without special permits, labels, training, etc. We have a metals powder company that drop ships our copper powder (not ordinary ground up copper, these are special copper 'platelets' that stack like fish scales and not corrode into a hard green lump in storage). The copper powder is added to our LOW V epoxy (this epoxy is thin so you can add more copper before making - copper epoxy putty). Read more about COPPER-EPOXY.

EMERGENCY UNDERWATER BOAT REPAIR  ---  There is an amazing book written about using our underwater epoxies to repair and then raise a sunken sailboat in the Pacific Atoll island. ESCAPE FROM HERMIT ISLAND. Note that these days we can no longer ship these epoxies by air, so order your EMERGENCY EPOXIES before you sail off into the sunset!


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