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The difference between floor paint and 'regular' paint is that regular paint contains additives that help it hang on vertical surfaces while floor paints do not have this property (LEARN MORE). If you are looking for floor epoxies, they are found in another section of this web site (CLICK HERE).


Note that epoxies are not color stable, they yellow in sunlight and will slowly break down in UV light. Because of this epoxy paints are often top coated with other paints or used indoors.

We offer several epoxy paints, some of which

can actually be applied underwater. These include:


Water Gard 300 - this solvent free epoxy paint comes in Light Blue (the color used in water treatment plants, manholes and sewer systems) and white (which will yellow in sunlight). It can be applied underwater and one application is swimming pool touch up without draining the water. It is also used on boat hulls, mostly as a marine barrier coat (more on this in the boating section of this site).

Water Gard 300 is not a simple epoxy paint but rather an epoxy adduct. In general terms epoxy adducts have some of the Part A resin added to the Part B curing agent during manufacture. The result is improvement in most of the coating's physical properties (which is way you are using an epoxy in the first place). This includes reduced yellowing, better curing and a host of other property improvements. A better epoxy for better results!

Corro Coat FC2100A - is another solvent free epoxy paint that can also be applied underwater. It contains feldspar ceramic and Kevlar (tm) micro-fibers. It  has the look and thickness of gray apple sauce. The fibers help it bridge gaps and work like rebar in concrete. Often used in field repairs of pipelines, in sumps and pits, on boat hulls, manholes, etc. One part of a basement leak repair system.

CM 15 - is our solvent based, warm weather (it has a long pot life) epoxy paint, with more flex and the other epoxy paints. It comes in black (considered a modern replacement for coal tar epoxy paint which is no longer available) and ivory. Often used in hot summer weather when other epoxies set up too quickly. It is a favorite with the pontoon boat repair folks. (more on this in the boating section of this site).

Liqua Tile 1172 - is our potable water approved epoxy paint. It requires a tank size min of 50 gallons (other potable water epoxies require 800 or 1000 gallon tank min size).

We offer other paints as well (a few polyurethanes), that are not epoxies.

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Water treatment facility - epoxy paint



Bilge area in boat coated and sealed with epoxy paint

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