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Even though we are an EPOXY COMPANY we offer several, rather unique high end urethane (polyurethane) paints and coatings (plus traditional marine spar varnish. None of these coatings can be sold in California, (so you know they are the GOOD STUFF).

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ALUTHANE - a very unique aluminum filled MCU (moisture cured urethane) -  a top selling product! - ALUTHANE HAS ITS OWN WEB PAGE

ALUTHANE - User Feedback

Good Afternoon Paul,

Just wanted to send a note that you should share with new customers about the ALUTHANE product that you recommended for a project I was bidding. I was approached about repainting the loading dock diamond plates at an overnight package service terminal. The original paint was only a little over three years old and the plates were very rusty and showing extensive wear. The customer would be an important add to my client base so I wanted to make them happy with our first shot. I originally contacted you about using an epoxy coating but you strongly suggested the Aluthane moisture-cure urethane as the best solution. You couldn’t have been more correct. After following all the necessary preparation steps, we applied two coats of the Aluthane to all the surfaces, including areas that we just couldn’t surface grind or effectively reach. We did power-wash and dry all the surfaces but that meant some spots may still have surface rust that would be painted over. To see the final results, you’d swear that we installed new plate material rather than repaint it. It is just that good! The stuff is bullet proof!

Thanks again for helping to make us look so good!  --  Bill -- AXXB Construction Services, LLC  11/17

"I use your Aluthane as a sealer for fabric-covered airplanes. We use dacron, and Aulthane wets out beautifully on dacron. It also fills the weave, another desirable characteristic. The aluminum pigment protects the dacron from the sun....otherwise dacron deteriorates rapidly. I have seven years experience with aluthane, and it is doing a very good job". --- JP (10/14)

"Paul, just thought Id let you know, used Aluthane on bottom of a  fiberglass/ epoxy hull repair, on my high speed powerboat tunnel cat. Left it on a mooring in Maine  for about a total of 3 months (8 times for  3 week stretches) since last May. Paint is still perfect - submerged 3 weeks at a time." - Dave 10/16

"I was looking for a product to use on the 4" steel pilings on a newly constructed boat house. I wanted to extend the life of the piles and the overall structure since the boathouse cost roughly $50K to build. Aluthane was recommended. At the time, the water was down around three feet from normal pool so I was able to paint roughly 4 feet of the piling that was exposed. For prep, I used a simple paint scraper to smooth off the rough, loose rust and then a wire brush. I did not put a lot of effort into preparation. Total prep time per piling was no more than 3-5 minutes. I used a 3" roller and rolled the Aluthane on. Again, very simple and quick. The Aluthane will run, so you do have to roll it on and smooth any runs with another quick roll over.

The results looked great. Basically a shiny aluminum look. When the lake came back up to pool, I kept watch for any signs of deterioration and saw none 12 months after application. The water went back down even further in the last few months, so I was able to inspect much closer and even apply the Aluthane further down the pilings. There was absolutely no rust through with 12-15 months of submersion.

The Aluthane surpassed all expectations and I now am in a wait and see mode on how long it will last before signs yet. I know its not advertised for submerged applications, but I can attest that it works very well for at a minimum of one year in fresh water applications. Excellent product that requires very little prep and seems to be very effective. "

Acrylic Poly UV Plus - a two part clear gloss poly with massive amounts of UV protection (much cheaper than the competition)



Stopping UV damage and UV yellowing  ----------------    Josie Lewis (6/2010) wrote:

Hi Paul: I recently purchased some clear epoxy  and Acrylic Poly UV Plus from your company. I have access to a UV chamber which simulates high altitude direct UV exposure. I thought you might be interested in my findings. I used a Masonite panel painted white and then coated with the epoxy. On half of the epoxy coated panel, I brushed on one coat of UV Poly and put it in the chamber for 644 hours at 50 C (the heat accelerates the exposure). Attached is a picture of the results. The masonite cracked a bit and separated due to a bit of wetness in the wood (unrelated to the resin). The epoxy  ambered dramatically within about 50 hours. After 644 hours, the UV Poly showed a slight bit of ambering from the original control but it is marginal at worst. The technician who ran the test said if it isn't yellow at 644 hours it is basically indestructible. I also tested several other 2-part resin products with the UV Poly and had the same result. You have a great product. I now feel secure knowing that my resin art, protected with the Poly UV Plus, will be archival and protected for long years. I will be ordering more soon!

LPU Marine - 2 part high gloss, white (only) marine boat paint

India Spar Varnish - the original, old fashion, solvent based marine spar varnish (which offers UV protection to epoxies)

"I am reminded of the story about a man who drank a quart of varnish. It was a terrible end, but a beautiful finish."

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